A fresh start…

Well, that’s 2012 over. What a bl***y horrible year. Let’s hope the new one treats us more kindly.

Christmas was OK, but as I thought it might be, it was all somewhat nondescript. We had a visit from Santa  and the kids enjoyed opening their presents, but everything was just a bit flat. I just don’t think we (or was it just me?) were properly in the mood.

You’d think after all this time things might be settling down, but this was the first Christmas without my brother, and my thoughts were elsewhere.

In just a few weeks, it will be a year since we lost Phil –  it doesn’t seem possible. I managed to visit his widow just before Christmas, and collected some of his ashes. Once the weather improves we will be planting a rose in his memory, and using them for that. I wonder if that will provide some measure of what they call these days “closure”? There is no guarantee of course, but I do believe that carrying out such actions is an important part of the grieving process, and is at least another step on the journey.

Here’s wishing you a great New Year.

Be well.



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