Two steps forward…

It’s now the end of February. This month has been difficult. I thought things were improving, but because, I think, of the anniversary, it’s all coming back to me. I’m keeping the tissues handy!

Added to that is the fact that I faltered a bit with my dieting over Christmas, and have been comfort eating since then, so I’ve managed to undo some of the good I did health-wise last year. I’m not as light as I was in November…

This means that I am heading back down the slope again through annoyance, frustration, and so on. It’s not helping my state of mind.

I’m still ratty and irascible, and I’m still just going through the motions at work and at home. This has meant that I have withdrawn into myself some more, just so that I don’t end up arguing all the time – not a good thing, I think you’ll agree.

Still, as they say, life goes on, so I’ll just keep plugging away, and we’ll see what happens. Having two teenage daughters keeps you busy anyway!

On a different topic, I know some people have posted comments, and I would like to say “Thank you”. I’m still following up on your links, so you may hear from me at some point, but please don’t hold your breath –  as you can see, I maintain this blog on a fairly intermittent basis.

Thanks for reading.

Be well.



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