Wading through treacle

I think I need help.

“Life goes on” they say. Well it might, but it’s nothing like it used to be.

The tunnel seems to lengthen to match my steps, so the light isn’t getting any nearer.

I’m still finding it hard to join in with family things, and I’m just withdrawing into myself all the time.

The slightest thing still sets me off, from phrases people use, to items on the television. Even writing blog posts…

Work isn’t helping – the redundancies and restructuring are now complete, and although I’ve been fortunate in staying in post, it means we’re all doing twice as much work as before, while not knowing who’s doing what in which department. All of this in a very sombre atmosphere.

I’m not sure I have the strength to see it through on my own. Whatever I do, whoever I speak to, I ought to do it fairly soon.

Be well,



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