The first step?

Hello again.

After my last post, things just kept getting worse, with more changes at work just exacerbating the situation. My role was made redundant, but I have managed to stay in a job, with different responsibilities (and less money!).

All of this took several weeks to sort out, so that was added pressure/worry/fear. Not good, given the overall situation.

However, I managed to pluck up the courage to speak to someone about my health. I first spoke to the occupational nurse at work, who was great, and then I went to see my GP. That was one of the biggest steps I’ve ever taken in my life.

The upshot is, I have been officially diagnosed with depression, and am now on a short course of anti-depressant tablets. There is also some counselling on offer.

Apparently the tablets take 2 to three weeks to start having an effect, so with any luck I should notice something soon.

They say that every journey start with a single step…

It would have been Phil’s birthday next week. I shall raise a glass.

Be well.



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