A few small improvements

Hello again.

I’m sorry for the long delay between posts, but life has been rather hectic of late. My job has become busier than ever, and there have been lots of happenings at home.

However, I am pleased to report that I have still been managing to cope with things without feeling overwhelmed. It has been challenging, but I have managed not to give up and am continuing to find a way through.

One piece of very good news is that my general health has improved. About  two years ago I was given a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. Since then I have been trying to lose weight, and change my lifestyle in terms of exercise and diet. It seems to have paid off; when I was first diagnosed, my blood sugar reading was 7.8, which although not completely “over the top”, definitely put me in the “at risk” category. Since then I have lost two stone, am feeling fitter, and my last reading was 5.2, which is firmly in the normal range. All of my other reading are completely normal. I have also noticed some benefits which I am sure are related to the fact that I have tried to remove sugar from my diet as much as possible.

All of this is helping my confidence levels – I can tell myself that I can succeed at something. If I keep this in mind, and try to relate it to other things, then it can only be good.

I hope that things are going well for you, and that life isn’t dealing you too bad a hand. If anything I have written is helpful, then I will be happy that I may have played a small part in brightening someone’s life.

As always,

Be well.



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